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This website is created for Christian parents and church leaders who share my concern for young children dropping out of church to adopt the secular-atheistic worldview by the time they grow up. If you wonder whether there is anything we can do to stem this tide of attrition, I think there is. With the so-called new-atheists aggressively advancing their worldview, a number of fine scholars on Christian apologetics have risen up to the challenge to counter them and to affirm the Christian worldview with evidence based on reason and science. The list of such Christian scholars has grown in recent years. Bible Colleges are beginning to take notice and have incorporated Christian apologetics into their curriculum. Churches are also offering such classes as part of their discipleship training program. However, there is one caveat: most of these classes are suitable for adults and older youths, not for young children, and most books (not all) written by Christian apologists and scholars require some philosophical reasoning. Here then is a dilemma: if we adhere to the view that the best time to teach the next generation about Christianity is when they are between the ages of 4 to 14, then such courses and books on Christian apologetics are quite out of reach for these young children. But can we afford to wait until these children grow up before we teach them Christian apologetics, especially if we know that by the time they leave their adolescent years behind, some of them would also be leaving their Christian faith? Don't be surprised that some 12 year-old children are already learning from their peers and public school teachers about "the multiverse", "evolution" and "science has debunked God". I personally believe that by the time when children reach their middle-teens, and if they have not yet been taught by that age that the Christian worldview is based on sound reasoning, some of them could be on the verge of believing that Christianity is irrational and outdated, and they could be waiting to drop out of church as soon as they are old enough. However, this obstacle is not insurmountable. In recent years, I have (by the grace of God) made the effort to teach Christian apologetics to a group of children as young as 12 years old. As it turned out, all I needed was simply a "re-packaging" of the abstract concepts of Christian apologetics into a format that could be easily grasped by young children (usually involving visual aids and lots of visual images and animations on slides). To my pleasant surprise, these children, young though they may be, clearly had no problem understanding the abstract philosophical concepts needed both to counter the atheistic worldview and to affirm the Biblical one. So, if you are called to teach Christian apologetics to young children, great!  I recommend teaching them as early as possible - ideally when they are about 12 years of age. And in case you feel called to teach, here are my two cents worth of advise.

I hope you will enjoy exploring and reading this website. Please do feel free to send me an email if you have any comments.

J.S. Leong Wong

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